Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what i eat y'all

hey you guys if you have instagram check me out there @laurenlovesjared and you can see what i eat and what i wear and what my dogs are doing.

since not everyone has seen that yet i wanted to post a few ideas here for you.
lunch this week has been really good but my favorite is chinese orange 'chik'n' with veggies and jasmine rice, fruit salad, and peanut butter cups. i made the chinese food by first cooking up my rice in the rice cooker with vegan (earth balance non soy) butter and a veg bouillon. next i steamed up some broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. then i baked some really good vegan chick'n and tossed that in the orange sauce. you can buy the chick'n ready to go with sauce in a lot of grocery stores. check out the natural section and then go through there frozen vegan/meat free products. i also had fruit salad (we buy pineapple, picked blue berries and bought grapes to make this mix. lastly i made protein packed peanut butter cups. i found the idea on pinterest so go check out my boards. i just made sure to buy and use vegan products to make it and when it called to add graham crackers to the peanut butter i added pea/brownrice/quinoa mix protein powder. personally i can tell you that you do not taste that. 

enjoy y'all

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