Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the food pro

so i went to a dietitian.
so that was weird.
i don't know. i think i went in with the assumption (yes i know right there is a problem...assuming) but i thought she would be this very food knowledgeable person who would understand being vegan/vegetarian. she recommended great snacks (which i had to make vegan which is totally fine). she helped me to refocus my energy about food from three meals a day to 5-6 small meals. eating every 2-3 hours. now, let me be honest. i could eat 6 times a day and eat a lot. that is the way i have always been. there is no off switch in my brain that says 'hey you are full girl slow your roll'. so that part i was super pumped about. then she told me the calories to shoot for and calculated how many i am most likely eating to maintain my current weight. people. i almost fell over. listen a few days ago i also calculated my BMI and thought i was going to have a stroke. i did walk away with a lot of good information and she did tell me she would do more research for me to help me on my journey. so i am hopeful that is going to happen. 
now the big challenge is buying the foods and eating only them and not making easy snap choices out of being lazy. i saw something on pinterest that said if you buy healthy food you will eat healthy food. lets be real i can drive down the road to buy fries and a coke. you have to do more than buy the food. you have to have a plan. goals. challenge yourself. build up your support system. 
i hope to have more from the diet/food pro soon. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I cannot wait to hear what food choices you make every day!