Wednesday, June 12, 2013

junk food junkie

did you know oreo's are vegan? did you know that most potato chips are vegan? what about some soda, some french fries, some cakes? 

listen when it comes to junk food i know my stuff. that is where i live and breath. or where i used too. slowly i am letting go of tatter tots. in all honesty let me tell you in the last three weeks i had them one time. i used to eat them almost daily. also, after i ate them i felt like shit. will it stop me forever? doubt it. but it was a wake up call. 

i think that with responsibility comes a certain amount of awareness to a situation. i chose to go vegan for health reasons (though the animal rights part makes a lot of sense to me now). but with the choice to eat vegan i have to be aware that i can still make terrible choices. i could be a french fry and coke vegan and still be overweight and unhappy. 

make a change. own it. be aware of it. if you fail to meet your goal for a meal or a day you can start next time. failing once isn't failure forever. i think our society puts people into two categories. fat or skinny. if you aren't skinny you are fat and if you aren't fat you are skinny. but neither of those labels have anything to do with health. so just try. take a step forward. look for help where you can. also eat an oreo every now and then. listen if i restricted myself all the time i don't know what i would do. i think that with some moderation i make better choices. when i say no to everything eventually i want junk food and i want it bad. so i binge. which makes me feel worse. which starts the cycle all over again. 

so just try. that is all any of us can do. 


  1. I think so many people see labels like "organic" and "vega" and automatically assume they are all HEALTH foods! WRONG! You stil have to decide if you are going to be a healthy organic food eater or an unhealthy organic food eater.
    Thanks for sharing! Yum Oreos!

    1. Yes so true. You really have to read labels and track your intake!